Graduate students in the Combustion Lab seeking either a Masters of Science or PhD through the Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering must meet the requirements for either degree in the Graduate Handbook.

Students pursuing an MS or PhD typically enroll in similar AE courses, relevant to their research.  The following qualifying exam areas include many of these courses used in partial fulfillment of either degree requirement.

PhD Qualifying Exam Specialty Areas

The student, in consultation with his/her advisor, will select two examination areas for PhD qualification. It should be noted that the general scope of each examination will be based on the enumerated primary courses plus all associated prerequisite and background material at the graduate and undergraduate level. The following are typical qualifying examination areas for Combustion Lab students, listed with their required courses. All AE examination areas can be found here.

Fluid Mechanics

AE 6009 – Viscous Flow
AE 6012 – Turbulent Flow


AE 6765 – Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Gases
AE 6766 – Combustion

Gas Dynamics

AE 6765 – Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Gases
AE 6050 – Gas Dynamics

Course Offerings

A complete list of graduate courses offered by the School of Aerospace Engineering with the tentative semester in which they meet can be found here.

Specialty Courses

AE 6410 – Combustion Dynamics

AE 6414 – Multiphase Combustion

AE 6445 – Combustor Fundamentals

AE 6450 – Rocket Propulsion

AE 6451 – Electric Propulsion

AE 6450 – Adv Topics in Combustion

AE 8803 – Optical Diagnostics for Reacting Flows