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Luke’s¬†research investigates the dynamics of ensemble-averaged turbulent, premixed flames. Specifically, this work focuses on identifying the ensemble-averaged turbulent flame position, displacement speed, and the sensitivity of the displacement speed to the ensemble-averaged flame curvature.

Tan Zu works on (i) Development of phosphor-thermometry tool to characterize liquid-fuel jet-in-crossflow (JICF) at full engine take-off (i.e., supercritical) conditions. Mapping of fuel temperature and concentration patterns for industrial design and CFD-validation usages. (ii) Development of algorithm and benchmarking of existing methods for post-processing JICF spray images. (iii) Exploration of spray formation-processes in novel “twin-fluid JICF” fuel-injectors. (iv) Development of phosphor “thermo-velocimetry” system for characterizing Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in an inclined shock-tube.