Dr. Aamir Farooq from KAUST Presents
On IR Laser sensors for Chemical Kinetics on 01/12/2023
Jan 12, 2023 Food Processing Technology Building Auditorium
PhD Proposal: Mitchell Passarelli
The Influence of Frequency Interactions on Flame Describing Functions for Pressurized Gas Turbine Combustors
May 12, 2022 BTZ Conference Room and Teams
SpaceX Combustion Team visit the Zinn Lab
Visitors from SpaceX's Raptor Combustion Devices team will visit the Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab to discuss combustion R&D and workforce development.
May 04, 2022 Food Processing Technologies Building
Sustainable Propulsion Seminar by Dr. Ben Bellows
Sustainable Propulsion: A Greener Future
Apr 21, 2022 GUG 442
Combustion Seminar by Prof. Sujish
Rate Dependent Transition to Thermoacoustic Instability
Apr 18, 2022 Food Processing Technologies Building
PhD Defense: Raghul Manosh Kumar
Apr 18, 2022 MK 325
Seminar by Dr. Sean Kearney
Dr. Sean Kearney will present a seminar on Laser Diagnostic Applications in Hypersonic Ground-Test Facilities at Sandia
Mar 03, 2022 MRDC 4211
AE Seminar - Dr. Benedikt Dorschner
Dr. Benedikt Dorschner from ETH Zurich to present seminar on CFD
Feb 28, 2022 GUG 246