Application Areas

Numerical simulation of a rotating detonation combustor  
Advanced Propulsion 
Sphere lab pressure vessel  
Ground Transportation 
Plasma assisted ammonia combustion  
Novel Technologies 
Safety & Security 
Sustainable Aviation 
Sustainable Energy 

Research Areas

Laser Lab  
Combustion Diagnostics 
Bluff body flame  
Combustion Dynamics 
Hydrogen jet flame in crossflow  
Emissions Reduction 
Measurements in a solid rocket propellant  
Energetic Materials 
Martian rocket fuel  
Fuels and Combustion Chemistry 
Flame kernels in supersonic flows  
High-Speed Combustion 
OH PLIF in a swirl flame  
Laminar and Turbulent Flames 
Multi-Phase Flows 
Jet in crossflow  
Numerical Simulations 
Plasma assisted ammonia combustion  
Plasmas and Plasma-Assisted Combustion 

Combustion Lab Groups

Genzale Group  
Genzale Group 
Lieuwen Group 
Mazumdar Group 
Menon Group 
Oefelein Group 
Ranjan Group 
Working with lasers and combustors  
Steinberg Group 
Sun Group 
Yang Group