BTZ Researchers pose in front of PF Changs restaurant

The 75th annual meeting of the APS division of fluid dynamics was held between November 20-22nd at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN. Several BTZ researchers gave talks at the conference, the list of which is as follows:

  • S. Karpe, S. Menon, “Numerical Simulations of Soot Formation in Turbulent Premixed Flames of Jet Fuels”
  • A. Krishnan, V. Nair, S. Adhikari, V. Acharya, T. Lieuwen, “Effect of radial flame position on the flow topology of a reacting jet in crossflow”
  • A. Panchal, A. Radhakrishnan, S. Bryngelson, S. Menon, “A numerical comparison of 5-, 6-, and 7-equation Baer-Nunziato-based diffuse interface methods”
  • P. Patki, B. Emerson, T. Lieuwen, “Global forced response analysis of reacting swirling flows”
  • H. Rajagopalan, S. Dammati, V. Acharya, A. Poludnenko, T. Lieuwen, “On the disturbance energy budget for gaseous H2 -Air detonations”

Attached is a link to the event for more info: 

BTZ Researchers share a meal