David We
David Wu
Research Engineer II

David Wu works as a Research Engineer in the Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology. David has many years of experience in developing high pressure combustion test articles for low NOx applications. David’s research portfolio includes projects on combustion instabilities, alternative fuels, and combustion system R&D with a core focus and motivation of cleaner combustion. David’s research primarily consists of two core competencies, which are experimental combustion system development, and combustor diagnostics. David’s combustion system development work spans a wide variety of applications, from small lab-scale burners to combustor rigs that test full-scale gas turbine combustor hardware. His combustor diagnostics work encompasses the state of the art optical diagnostic techniques for reacting flow field measurements and imaging, and aims to implement those techniques in both laboratory-scale and large-scale rig tests. Together, these core competencies form the pillars of David’s research, which facilitates the design of cleaner-burning combustion systems.